why the huge axe, which had been as light as nothing

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The Indian warrior raised his tomahawk with a puzzled look on his face, wondering why the huge axe, which had been as light as nothing, suddenly became heavier and heavier and could not be cut down at all.

Another batch of throwing spears flashed into the sky, they did not have the additional damage of the previous batch of dragon fire, but flew faster and stabbed harder! And behind the dragon star, the roar of the red dragon Carlo sounded again, followed by a large hot dragon breath. Below there are countless magic and magic with brilliant tail flame flying. In the gorgeous light and shadow, the dragon star suddenly saw a very simple gray light ball out of the corner of his eye, so his face changed greatly, and with a strange cry, he flashed hundreds of meters away in an instant, avoiding the gray light ball. Most of the magic, magic and even spear throwing turned around at the same time and chased the dragon star, but the gray ball of light had no ability to track, but flew straight into the night sky. Below, Nai You sighed helplessly, sighing that the dragon star was old and cunning. This gray ball of light is not impressive, but it is enough to make any strong person turn pale at the smell of gravity. Once hit by it, the chaotic gravity will greatly interfere with the ability of the strong to move, which can be called extremely insidious. The Dragon Star was thrown several more spears before he escaped from the air attack range of the Knights of Richard. As a result, he no longer dared to approach Richard's phalanx easily. Now he had been badly hurt, and most of his fighting energy had been consumed,Magnesium Oxide MgO, and he was in a mess. In fact, only a moment has passed since the beginning of the battle. Looking at a team of standing in formation, motionless knights, the dragon star heart suddenly rose chill. Fifty conformation knights hit with all their strength, even he dared not take it hard, and was beaten so badly at the beginning of the war, because the number of conformation knights far exceeded even the wildest imagination of the Dragon Star. At this time, the earth began to tremble,Magnesium Oxide price, the Dragon Star summoned hundreds of soldiers into the battlefield, and the strong people flying from the direction of the fortress will soon be able to arrive. Each of the hundred warriors was more than three meters tall, and a look at their appearance showed that they were quite similar to the barbarian warriors of Kalando. It is almost impossible for ordinary human blood to grow so tall. They did not wear armor, but were wrapped in animal skins, and even in such a cold climate, they still exposed a large area of skin. These warriors had thick beards, long hair with many braids, and heavy weapons such as giant swords, heavy axes, and war hammers. All of them were murderous, but none of them carried shields. The most striking thing is the totem lines painted with various dyes on their bodies. Many totem patterns are all kinds of wild animals and birds, but there are also other patterns that can not see the meaning. Richard's eyes narrowed slightly, and he immediately remembered Semir and what he had said about the Huran Indy Samurai. These warriors are all from tribes that are highly similar to the barbarians. They are naturally tall and strong, and are not afraid of the cold. It is believed that they may inherit some of the blood of the ancient frost giants. The Indy warriors all had their tribe's secret totemic crest, Magnesium Oxide powder ,diammonium phosphate fertilizer, which gave them an additional ability. Therefore, in the plane of Huran, the Indy Knights, like Norland's conformation knights, enjoy a special and noble position. Most of these Indian warriors are between level 12 and 15, and if they inspire totem ability, their combat power can be increased by nearly one level. Only the Dragon Star, a strong man with a special status, can have a whole battalion of 100 Indian warriors to follow. The dragon star began to circle far around Richard's army, remaining out of range of the conformation knights. And the Indian warriors roared straight at Richard's army! As long as the Indy Knights rush to disrupt the formation of the conformation knights, then the Dragon Star is ready to wait for an opportunity to make a move again, at least to harvest a few strong lives before leaving. Looking at the rushing Indian warriors, Richard showed an imperceptible sneer and began to give orders in his consciousness, so the elite Dark Knight, who had not moved since the war, finally moved! An elite Dark Knight has the same fighting power as an Indy Knight, but three against three will have a slight advantage, and ten against ten will have a clear advantage. But now Richard has not mobilized all the dark front knights, and the number advantage has reached three hundred to one hundred. Moreover, this scale is within the optimal range of Richard's perfect command ability. Three hundred dark knights turned into blades and collided with the Indian warriors! In the distance, the expression of the dragon star first calmed down, then turned into surprise, then into disbelief, and even subconsciously blinked his eyes hard! No matter how much he overestimated Richard, he would never have thought that the invincible and invincible Indian warriors would be harvested like autumn harvest crops in front of the same elite dark front knights! An Indian warrior somehow noticed Richard, roared and rushed over, holding the blood-stained double-edged axe high above his head! This chapter is cut, I am so satisfied with www. Xiaoshuotxt. com Chapter sixty attacks the heart But the great axe of the Indian warrior had just reached its highest point when Richard suddenly took a step forward, pulled out his backhand and slaughtered savagely, thrust it out in a plain way, then withdrew it and retreated to the original place. The Indian warrior raised his tomahawk with a puzzled look on his face, wondering why the huge axe, which had been as light as nothing, suddenly became heavier and heavier and could not be cut down at all. The giant axe finally tilted and fell to the ground, and the blade of the axe cut deep into the ground. Suddenly there was a red line in the throat of the Indian warrior, and then it split into a horrible wound, and the blood shot like a fountain! The Indian warrior gave a loud cry and tried to cover the wound on his throat with his hand, but finally he could not stand and fell forward. With a muffled sound, the Indy fell in front of Richard, and his raised braids just grazed the tips of Richard's boots. As soon as Richard's knife came out, he did not look at the Indian warrior again, but raised his hand to wipe a few drops of blood splashed on his face. At the moment, in Richard's consciousness, hundreds of orders were being issued continuously, and the Dark Knight was like a precise killing machine, methodically harvesting the lives of the Indian Knights. In the twinkling of an eye,magnesium sulfate monohydrate, the local war was over. At the cost of less than ten riders, the Dark Front Knights annihilated hundreds of Indian Knights, while the Conformation Knights did not move at all. The dragon star opened his eyes wide and never thought it would end like this! But the tall corpses on the ground reminded him in the coldest way that this was the truth. stargrace-magnesite.com