In February of the following year, Xiao Xiao gave birth to a son in October.

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In February of the following year, Xiao Xiao gave birth to a son in October. He had a round head and big eyes, and his voice was loud and strong.

The spotted dog made no more noise, and after a while, he went away. Soon her husband came back from other places and saw Xiao Xiao sitting alone on the grass crying with red eyes. The husband is curious in the heart, looked a little while, ask Xiao Xiao: "elder sister, why to cry?" "For no reason, the dust fell into my eyes and hurt." "I'll blow." "Don't blow." "You see, I have these and these." He put the small clams and stones picked up from the stream on display in front of Xiao Xiao. Xiao Xiao looked at them with tears in his eyes for a while and said with a forced smile, "Brother, we are good friends. Don't tell your family if I cry.". Sue me and get angry. No one in the family really knew about it after they arrived. After half a month, the dog left without saying goodbye and took all his clothes and trousers. Grandfather asked the mute who lived with him if he knew why he was walking and where he was going. The mute just shook his head and said that the flower dog still owed him two hundred yuan. When he left, he didn't leave a word. He was a man without conscience. The mute said his own words, and did not explain the reason for the dog to go. So the family had been wondering and talking all day. But the workman neither stole anything nor took anything else, and soon after this, he was naturally forgotten. Xiao Xiao is still the Xiao Xiao of the past. If only she could forget the spotted dog. But her stomach was really different, and the things in it were always moving, which made her often worry alone and have strange dreams. She was a little bad-tempered, which only her husband knew, for she seemed to be more severe and harsh with him. She was still with her husband every day, and her heart and thoughts were not very clear to herself. She used to think, now that I'm dead, everything is all right. But why die? She is still happy to live and willing to live. No matter who in the family inadvertently mentioned the words about the husband's brother, the children, the dog, all seemed to make the words like a fist,Magnesium Oxide MgO, a heavy blow on Xiao Xiao's chest. By August, she was worried that people would know more, so she led her husband to the temple to play, so she made a wish privately and ate a lot of incense ash. Eating incense ash was seen by her husband, the husband asked what this is doing, Xiao Xiao said stomachache, should eat this. Although she asked the Bodhisattva to make a vow, the Bodhisattva certainly did not hope as she did, and the things that grew up in her stomach were still growing slowly. She often went to the stream to drink cold water,potassium sulphate fertilizer, and when her husband saw her, he asked her and she said she was thirsty. One Purple Dreams] None of the methods she had thought of had been able to separate her from what she disliked. Only her husband knew about the big belly, but he dared not tell his parents about it. Because of the long time and different ages, the husband sometimes fears the same love for Xiao Xiao, which is deeper than his parents. She remembered the day the dog had cursed, as she remembered everything else. In autumn, the caterpillars in front of and behind the house cocooned and became all kinds of beautiful butterfly moths. As if deliberately torturing her, her husband often mentioned the old story of being stung by caterpillars a few months ago, which made Xiao Xiao feel sad. So she hated the caterpillar so much that she wanted to kick it when she saw it. One day, I heard that there were many female students passing by. After hearing this, Xiao Xiao opened his eyes and had a dream. He was stunned by the sun for a long time. Following in the footsteps of the flower dog, Xiao Xiao also wanted to run away, so he packed up some things and prepared to go to the city on the road with the female students. But when he didn't leave, his family found out. The family investigated the root cause of the escape, only to realize that the rustling belly, which was preparing to give birth to a son for her husband ten years later, had been preempted by others. This is really a great event. The peaceful life of the family was all messed up by this one thing. Angry anger, caustic calcined magnesite ,Magnesium Sulphate price, tears of tears, curse of curse, according to their duties to go on. Hanging the beam, throwing water, eating poison, being trapped by Xiao Xiao, all things rambling all thought of, after all, too young, reluctant to die, but did not do. So the grandfather started from the reality, came up with a clever idea, shut Xiao Xiao in the room, sent someone to guard it well, and asked Xiao Xiao's own people to speak, to see if it was "sink" or "sell"? People in Xiao Xiao's family wanted to save face, so they drowned her in the pool and sold her. Xiaoxiao had only one uncle, who was farming in nearby Chuang Tzu. When he went to invite him, he thought it was a drink, but when he arrived, he realized that it was such a humiliating thing that the honest and honest parents were at a loss. With a big belly, there is nothing to say. Uncle couldn't bear to sink Xiao Xiao into the pool. Of course, Xiao Xiao should be married as a second wife. This punishment also seems to be extremely natural, and it is customary for the husband's family to suffer losses, but they can recover a sum of money on remarriage as compensation for the amount of losses. The uncle told Xiao Xiao about it and was about to walk. Xiao Xiao pulled the corner of his uncle's clothes and just cried faintly. The uncle shook his head for a moment and left without saying a word. At that time, there was no considerable family to ask for Xiao Xiao, so she still stayed at her husband's house for the time being. Now that the matter had been made clear, it did not seem to matter according to the rules of the countryside, and everyone was relieved to wait for punishment. First, the little husband could no longer be with Xiao Xiao, and then he was still as he had been a month ago, talking and laughing like a sister and brother. The husband knew that there was a son in Xiao Xiao's belly, and knew that Xiao Xiao should marry far away because of this. But the husband did not want to go to Xiao Xiao, Xiao Xiao himself did not want to go, everyone was puzzled, but according to the rules like forced to do so, had to do. Waiting for customers to come to see people, until December, no one came, Xiao Xiao had to spend the New Year in this house. In February of the following year, Xiao Xiao gave birth to a son in October. He had a round head and big eyes, and his voice was loud and strong. Everyone took good care of the mother and son. According to the rules, they ate steamed chicken and glutinous rice wine to enrich the blood, and burned paper to thank God. The whole family is happy for the son. Since she gave birth to a son, Xiao Xiao did not marry elsewhere. By the time Hsiao-hsiao formally consummated her marriage with her husband, her son was already ten years old, able to watch the cows mow the grass, and had become a producer in the family. At ordinary times, he called Xiao Xiao's husband to be an uncle, and the uncle agreed and never got angry. The son's name is Niu'er. When Niu Er was twelve years old, he was also married, and his daughter-in-law was six years older. Daughter-in-law is old, so she can help in everything and be helpful to the family. When the suona blew to the door, the bride was crying in the sedan chair, which made the grandfather and great-grandfather very busy. On this day,calcium nitrate sol, Xiao Xiao hugged her newborn Yuemaomao, but watched the fun on the elm and wax tree fence in front of the house, just like hugging her husband ten years ago.