There is no need to hide any more, and the truth can be disclosed

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There is no need to hide any more, and the truth can be disclosed. Who writes what, who says what, what to say, or how to treat certain things as confidential and not let anyone know, etc. "You make me feel confused," Dubens said.

You have heard the rumour? You'd better forget it. It's not good to spread too much. You don't have to think that I will refuse you to ask me questions in the future. I may be able to answer something you want to know. For example, I said that some things had happened a few years ago, and that once they were exposed, even now, they might still produce interesting results. As for things that are still going on, or even things that are really reliable. It may also bring some information. No matter who or what, I will not let it go lightly. But I don't know how I can help you. Let's make a code first, let's enjoy the excitement again, and enjoy the atmosphere of really being the central figure. How about'tart apple jelly '? You say, "My wife made tart apple jelly. Do you want a bottle?"? I knew what you meant. You mean # 8212; # 8212; I'll find some and Merry? # 183; Something about Jordan ? I don't know what will happen if I go on like this. Anyway, she's dead. Yes, she is dead. But, you know, Sometimes I get the wrong idea about someone because I am a good listener. Or because of what you read, you have this wrong idea. You mean we have the wrong idea about Merry Jordan? In other words, you don't think she's important, do you? "Oh, no, it should be a very important person." Mr. Robinson looked at his watch and said, "I must give the order to leave. I have a guest coming in ten minutes.". He's a very boring guy, but he's a big man in politics. I think you also know the recent social situation, the government, the government, no matter where it goes, it will meet with the government in the office,Magnesium Sulphate producer, at home, in the supermarket, on TV or in private life. That's what we need more and more now. What you and your wife are playing is a little game. However, you are standing in the position of enjoying your private life, so how about checking from the background of your private life? Maybe we will find something interesting, and hopefully it will be a ratio of five to five. I can't say any more. There are some things that only I know. I may tell you at the right time. But the matter has passed. It's no use saying that. I'll just tell you one thing that might help you in your investigation. You may have seen the trial of Commander So-and-so, whose name is forgotten. It was brought to trial for espionage. And sentenced. That's a good reason. He is a traitor, and that alone is enough. But. Merry # 183; Jordan ……” "Eh?" You want to know about Merry Jordan? Ok, I'll tell you one thing, maybe it can be a reference when you think about it. Merry # 183; Jordan is # 8212; # 8212; Nice You can call it espionage, but she wasn't a German spy, she wasn't a spy for an enemy country. So, Magnesium Oxide powder ,dap diammonium phosphate, you listen carefully! Leaning forward across the table, Mr. Robinson lowered his voice and said, "She's our Comrade." (/t/xt | small/say/day/hall) WWW. XiAosHuoTXT. Com One "In this way, the situation has changed completely." Dubens said. Yes Tommy said, "Yeah, it was a big shock." 。” "Why did he tell you?" "I don't know." "I thought about two or three different things," Tommy said. "What kind of man is he?" Tommy? You haven't told me properly. "Well, he's yellow," Tommy said. "Yellow, big, fat, very ordinary. But, at the same time, if you know what I mean, he's a little unusual. He # 8212; # 8212; A big man, as my friend said. "What? It sounds like a pop star talking about pop songs." "Well, people get used to that kind of talk." Why? It's time to tell me what you don't want to say. It was a long time ago. "Tommy said, and it's over, and I don't think it's important now.". I mean, I can see what's being published, or off the record. There is no need to hide any more, and the truth can be disclosed. Who writes what, who says what, what to say, or how to treat certain things as confidential and not let anyone know, etc. "You make me feel confused," Dubens said. "When you say that, everything is confused, isn't it?" "What do you mean, everything is out of order?" That's what we used to think. I want to say # 8212; # 8212; What do I want to say? ?” "Go on." Tommy said, "How can you not know what you want to say?" In short, as I have just said, everything is wrong. That is to say, what we found in Black Arrow was clear enough at the time. Someone, maybe the kid named Alexander, left a clue in Black Arrow. It is said that there are people # 8212; # 8212; among us. At least that's what he wrote. But what Alexander is trying to say is that someone in the family or someone who lives in the house killed Merry. # 183; Jordan 。 We don't know who Merry Jordan is. So very anxious. "Indeed, I have been very anxious ever since." Tommy said. But you're not in such a hurry as I am. I'm really worried. To tell the truth, I still don't know anything about her. At least # 8212; # 8212; You mean it was not easy to find out that she was a German spy? That's all you know? "Well, people say so, and I think it's true, but now." "Not bad." Tommy said,Magnesium Sulphate producer, "But now we know it's not true, not just a German spy, just the opposite!" "She is a British spy." 。