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Shy ghost ah, Xiao Aiyue how to look at him all think he looks like gay, normal straight man like him love clean?

Shy ghost ah, Xiao Aiyue how to look at him all think he looks like gay, normal straight man like him love clean? Since knowing Ma Shangcai, Xiao Aiyue feels that Xu Fangqing's cleanliness is nothing compared with him. Ma Shangcai has wet paper towels and handkerchiefs in his pocket at any time. Not to mention men, even women seldom carry handkerchiefs with them now, okay? Ma Shangcai is wiping the table of the breakfast shop with a wet paper towel. The expression on his face is very disgusted: "It's too greasy." He wiped it again and again. Xiao Aiyue couldn't bear to look at it any more. She pounded the table and said, "Boss, pack it!" Ma Shangcai felt that he was rejected and explained awkwardly: "I was not like this before. When I first entered the company, I worked as an assistant with Xu Zong for a while. Xu Zong was very fastidious. Later, I gradually became like this." Xiao Aiyue defended Xu Fangqing against injustice: "Come on, Manager Xu, how can you be so morbid? She is a neat freak. You are, this is, how to describe it? Clean cancer is terminal." Ma Shangcai got along with her for a long time, and the joke became bigger and bigger: "Sister Xiao, don't blame me. If you get along with General Manager Xu face to face for a few months or years,Nail machine manufacturer, you must be more serious than me. If you don't believe us, how about betting five hundred yuan?" Xiao Aiyue had no money and didn't want to gamble. "I'm the successor of socialism," she said. "No pornography, no poison, no gambling." Ma Shangcai's face is clear: "I think you are afraid of losing, coward!" ( ) Chapter 54 Exposition. It was the rush hour and it was not easy to take a taxi. Ma Shangcai decided to take the subway. They quickly finished their breakfast. Ma Shangcai called Lin Zhengkai and asked him where the queue was. Lin Zhengkai said that the queue was too long and it was not time yet. He asked them not to worry and take their time. Ma Shangcai is really not anxious,Automatic Nail Making Machine, led Xiao Aiyue to the cafe to drink a cup of coffee, just not anxious not slow into the subway station. The subway station is also a sea of people, two people just find out what route to take, was squeezed out of a sweat, Ma Shangcai went to the ticket vending machine there to line up to buy tickets, Xiao Aiyue stood aside waiting for him to come back, her eyes fluttered around, accidentally saw a little girl not far away, the little girl's clothes wear very little, about thirteen or fourteen years old. Holding a middle-aged woman with a blank face in her hand, Xiao Aiyue looked at her silently for more than ten seconds, iron nail machine ,High Speed Nail Making Machine, put aside Ma Shangcai, walked slowly over, crouched down, and asked the girl in front of her softly: "Little sister, what's wrong with you?" "It's cold at home. My father asked me and my mother to wait here for him to get off work." The little girl spoke clearly and her Mandarin was not very standard. She spoke word by word with a southern accent, not like a native of Shanghai: "He just left." "Did you have breakfast?" Xiao Aiyue asked her with concern, "Why are you wearing so little?" "The family had no money, and my father's salary was used to treat my mother." The little girl answered obediently, "Sister, I'm not hungry." Ma Shangcai came over and saw something wrong with the little girl: "What's wrong?"? Should I call the police? Xiao Aiyue didn't answer him. She lowered her head and took out all her cash in her bag: "Little sister, you take this. Don't lose it. Hide it. When Dad comes back, give it to him. Remember?" "Good." The little girl was already sensible and understood what Xiao Aiyue had given her: "Thank you, sister." Ma Shangcai went to say hello to the subway staff and asked them to pay attention to the mother and daughter here. When he came back, he saw Xiao Aiyue still in a daze. He joked: "Sister Xiao, you are really rich. You can give me thousands of yuan. When you just said you would invite me to drink coffee, you ran faster than a rabbit." Xiao Aiyue rarely did not answer, turned around and said: "Let's go." "If General Manager Xu were here, she would definitely call the police directly." Ma Shangcai intentionally or unintentionally mentioned Xu Fangqing in front of Xiao Aiyue: "Giving money is benevolent, but it is not a panacea. The girl's father has no ability to support them. Her mother has mental problems when she sees them. It's better to call the police.". ” Xiao Aiyue suddenly stopped and asked him, "Will the police support them?"? Or will the state support them? They will be taken back to be educated, and then her father will come, but who will be responsible for their lives? Ma Shangcai frowned and said, "There will always be a solution." "Think about the best place, maybe the country will really support, but not everyone can accept the loss of their family, in exchange for a stable or more unstable life, that little girl has grown up, she may have winter vacation, there is no money to install heating at home, snuggle with her mother here to keep warm, is it good for her to call the police?" Ma Shangcai didn't know how to answer. There were too many powerless and dark things in this society that he couldn't bear. He said with a wry smile, "Sister Xiao, you see so many people coming and going at the subway entrance. How many of them stopped? I don't think the girl was waiting there for the first day. The staff also knew them. How long can they hold out like this?" "Hold on until the day you can't hold on." Xiao Aiyue's expression is serious: "It won't go on like this all the time. They will find a better way and place to go. Others don't stop because they have their own things to do. Everyone has their own things." "Hey, I find that you and General Manager Xu are actually quite similar in some places." Ma Shangcai laughed twice, and the topic changed very quickly. In an instant, he mentioned Xu Fangqing again: "When I first entered the company,Iron Nail Making Machine, I heard a lot of stories about General Manager Xu, and now I feel incredible when I mention them." "Like what?" Xiao Aiyue's curiosity was aroused by his mystifying words. She immediately forgot the unpleasant episode and asked, "Is it something else in the workplace?" 。